Mosta: Tour to The Island at The Heart of The Mediterranean

Have you heard about Mosta? Mosta is a small town in the popular vacation destination; Malta. A huge number of people visit every year at this place. If your plan is to enjoy the vacations in Europe then the best place in Malta. The place is well known for beautiful beaches, ports, and coastlines. Malta’s nation is highly dense in the terms of population. Malta is ethnically diverse in nature and is an amalgamation of British, Italian, Spanish, Norman, Sicilian and Arab descendants. The basic and highly spoken languages are Maltese and English. But it does not mean that only Maltese and English are the languages but Italian is becoming a widely spoken language in Malta.

Unknown facts about Malta:

  • Malta is the most popular destination in Europe. It attracts a big volume of tourists every year. They enjoy the different seasons of the place but this place becomes more beautiful in the rainy seasons. As the climate remains very hot during the summer season but as a result, the crowd does not get reduced, unlike other tourist destinations. In fact, the best time to visit the place in April, May, and June. Apart from these, you can visit the place in the September and October. As winter months are quite rainy, so the accommodation charges get very low during the rainy season.
  • Not only hotels offer discounts for accommodation during the winter season, Malta’s property market also offers a discount on the properties during the winter season. So if you want to buy the property in the popular vacation destination then you can buy it from Malta’s property market in winter.


  • Several other places to visit and great attractions attract the tourists towards the Mosta. There are several tourists who love to see the historical places and want to explore the history of the different places then it is the best place which is a house of several historical destinations. The government of Malta is very concerned about the comfort and convenience of the tourists.
  • Along with Malta’s property market and historical places, it is the best place for water sports. It is well known that only some of the tourist places have the best water sports, so you can enjoy the best water sports in Malta. There are several different kinds of drinks which get produced in Malta itself like different kinds of beer and good wine. So if you have a keen interest in tasting the different food and drinks then you must try the different drinks available in Malta.


  • If you are visiting the place for the first time then you can get in touch with the tourist agencies who offer the different packages for long-term travellers and short-term travellers. In short, a trip to Malta is fun.