Shower Steamer: You Deserve A Spa-Like Shower

Shower Steamer

A little pampering goes a long way at the best of times, and right now, it’s more important than ever. There’s nothing stopping you from creating that relaxing spa-like experience at home and indulgent beauty experience in your own bathroom. Because sometimes a squeeze of shower gel just won’t cut it.

A spa day at home can be as simple as turning your shower into a pampering aromatherapy spa with new product on the rise: shower steamers. If you don’t know what a shower steamer is, let us brief you. Shower steamers are a type of bath bomb that is designed to be used in the shower. The scented tablets dissolve in the shower and release a relaxing, aromatic fragrance that turns an ordinary shower into a luxurious experience, all without the hassle of having to run and drain a bathtub.

Shower steamer

What is a Shower Steamer

For centuries humans have used essential oils in steam rooms and saunas for stress relief and recovery. The soothing scent of eucalyptus and peppermint oil has been used for hundreds of years to help individuals reduce stress, enhance rest and encourage relaxation. A shower steamer is made using these same types of essential oils and has the same effect as they dissolve in your shower.

Tidy small discs of super ingredients to dissolve away as the shower water comes into contact, much like a bath bomb does, shower steamers are the perfect alternative for the spa-like experience when all you have time for is a shower.

How to use Shower Steamers

Shower steamers are a great way to add some aromatherapy to your shower. They are small, easy to use, and can be used in any type of shower. Simply place the steamer on the floor of your shower and turn it on. The steam will rise up and fill the entire room with a light, refreshing scent. The steamer portion of the name comes from the fact that the steam and humidity generated from a hot shower helps to enhance the aroma of the essential oils in the air.

Can you use Shower Steamers as Bath Bombs?

Shower steamers are a type of bath bomb that is designed to be used in the shower. The idea behind this is that the water from the shower will create a mist that will release the fragrance and essential oils from the product. This means that you can use them as bath bombs, but it is not recommended because they are not designed to be used in this way. The bombs can be used with or without water and will last for up to 30 minutes. Since bath bombs are meant to be dissolved in a bath tub, the concentration of essential oils within them is fairly low so as not to cause irritation to ones skin. Shower steamers on the other hand are not meant to come in contact with your skin, so the essential oil concentration is much higher, resulting in a much stronger aroma when you shower.

Reasons to add a Shower Steamer into your washing routine

We think shower steamers are an amazing addition to our morning (and evening!) routines. And a shower steamer can help create an environment that encourages you to relax, de-stress and think more clearly.

These are the reasons we think you should try one too…

They’re practical

Shower steamers are definitely worth it. They are highly practical and inexpensive. Essential oils released into the air by shower steamers can help you relax and manage stress and minor aches while limiting the risks that come with applying essential oils directly onto your skin. Shower steamers allow for a daily spa-like experience even when you don’t have access to a bathtub or have limited time available.

They smell incredible

Packed with essential oils, once the humidity hits your shower steamer a gorgeous scent is sure to be released. Hot shower with the sharp smell of mint and eucalyptus cutting through the air can provide relief to those suffering from nasal congestion, seasonal allergies or a winter cold.

They’ll help you de-stress

Essential oils are used in steam rooms and saunas for stress relief and recovery purposes, and a shower steamer will offer the same benefits as it dissolves. Here are what different shower steamers can do for you:

  • Relax and Reduce Stress: shower steamers scented with lime and lavender are soothing and can help you relax and find restful sleep.
  • Wakeup and Focus: the refreshing scents of spearmint and rosemary can help wake you up in the morning and improve your focus and mood to face the day.
  • Muscle Relief: shower steamers with a blend of tea tree oil, eucalyptus, and camphor can help with muscle and sinus relief.
  • Calm and Anxiety Relief: a blend of chamomile and lavender essential oils in a shower steamer can help remove any negative feelings like fear and anxiety.

Shower steamers box

Now You Can Enjoy A Luxurious Aromatherapy Spa Experience In Your Own Shower. Give the Cleverfy Beauty Shower Steamers a try!

That means you can bring the tranquility of a sauna to your home, with each pack containing six tablets.
You only have to turn on the shower to enjoy the soothing shower bombs.

The six pack of shower accessories, which melt and release a powerful scent when exposed to water, come with six fragrances:
Lavender – For stress relief and sleep
Menthol/Eucalyptus – For sinus congestion
Vanilla & Sweet Orange – For immune support
Watermelon – For relaxation
Grapefruit – For a refreshing burst
Peppermint – For a cooling and invigorating lift.

The tables are also enriched with beautiful flower pedals.

Shower Steamer

What's the difference between a bath bomb and a shower steamer?
Shower steamers typically contain similar ingredients to bath bombs, but the main difference is that they don’t require large quantities of moisturizing oils, since they don’t come into contact with the skin.
Are shower steamers worth it?
Shower steamers are less aesthetically pleasing than bath bombs, but they are also more practical and therefore worth the small expense of utilizing them. The oils in a shower steamer are relaxing and great for soothing stress or minor aches or just to perk you up and make you feel good.
Where should a steamer be placed in a shower?
Take into the shower with you, wet it under the stream of water to get it going. Place the steamer at the far end of the bath/shower stall. You want it to last, and if it’s under the stream of water it will disappear too quickly.

Final Thoughts

Who says showers can’t be as relaxing and luxurious as baths or going to the spa? Try aromatherapy and melt away the stress of everyday life, by turning your shower into a spa using shower steamers. Just pick a scent and place it in the corner of the steamy shower room. Whether you decide to call them shower bombs or shower steamers is a matter of personal preference. Either way, using one will give you the same great benefits no matter what you call it!